Generation Next: Tom Consalo chooses fruit over finance

tom-feLike so many others who chose the fresh produce industry as their career, Tom Consalo began that journey at a very early age.

“I was probably 9 years old, my first year working” at Wm. Consalo & Sons Farms, his family’s produce company in Vineland, NJ, he recalled. “I remember — this is kind of scary — stamping boxes with an ink pad. We were sorting Moroccan clementines. I remember because I was covered with little ‘Moroccan’ stickers.”

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Before looking ahead to New Jersey's 2017 fall produce season, Tom Consalo, vice president of The Freshwave, reflected on the summer season to date. "It's been an interesting summer," he told The Produce News on a ...

Baby boomers are ready to pass the torch, but are today's young farmers ready to take it? Chelsea Consalo, vice president of Consalo Family Farms at just 24, thought long and hard before joining her family's produce a...

In recognition for its work to take voluntary and proactive measures to improve the environment and ensure a sustainable future, Consalo Family Farms received an Environmental Stewardship Program award from the New Je...

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